Daria Melnikova

DetaiI V at the restaurant beneath the gallery
Adhesive film on table and window (dimenstions variable)

Room 1. Brewing Harmony

Detail I
Leatherette, aluminum rod, MDF, plexiglass, clay (dimenstions variable)

Detail II
Aluminum rod, MDF, plexiglass (dimenstions variable)

Detail III
Aluminum rod, MDF, plexiglass (dimenstions variable)

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Drawing inspirations from the contemporary interior aesthetics of offices and coffeehouse chains (fig.1) that are characterized by an ever present cheapness and impersonality (fig.2), the artist Daria Melnikova merges the glimmer of colors (fig.3) and their shapes with an atmospheric lightness (fig.4), creating an oasis for escapism in the present conditions of a constant consumerist culture. And even though we realize this “comfort zone” is double faced (it absorbs into its flat surface, while wittily guessing one's needs) – it's more than fine for as long as we appreciate being surrounded by the thing that blinks cheekily, while seemingly giving us all we need. An exhibition as a harmony in-progress, a kind of a litmus paper (fig.5) showing and showcasing various appearances of materiality and aesthetics unravel as follows:

*fig.1. Places where people are united by common intentions and desires. They are dependent on the clichés and judgments of an average about what is to be considered beautiful. Joint in a chain and wrapped around a spherical surface. A set of standards, samples, philistinism;

*fig.2. A catalogue of materials. The materials used carry a great supply of associations. A bright spectrum of imitations - from various wood to sunlight and leather reproductions - is characteristic. A specific, artificial setting created to cause a certain mood. In self-promotion materials, often regarded as the oasis of peace, an escape from the ordinary, further on;

*fig.3. The color palette - reservedly homey, neutral;

*fig.4. The atmosphere - something between an office and home;

*fig.5. A hanger as an element the appearance and shape of which is constantly changing regarding the circumstances. An arrangement of the elements of materiality and aesthetics.

- Maija Rudovska, Zane Onckule -


solo show at Vita Kuben (from the series Hanging Above. The Case in the Cafe), 11.04. - 03.05.2014, Umea


Curated by Maija Rudovska, Zane Onckule


Built with Berta.me