Daria Melnikova


Exhibition view I

Exhibition view II

Exhibition view III
Aluminum tubes, print and embroidery on fabric, chains, dried plam tree leaves, mirror, hair braids, silicon massage ellipse, 300 x 200 x 100 cm


- in search of a ‘happy place’-

There is no physical space I can call “home”, just an emotional bonding that chains me to somebody or something. A fragile image of an unfinished house is like a shell with a tendency to turn into a fossil over the time, highlighting the story that has certain beginning and an upredictable end.

Exuvia, from the Latin word “exuviae”, is a biological term regarding that which is stripped of a body, cast-off skin or covering of various organisms. Although the process of shedding refers to the animal world, I relate these brittle formations and relics to ghost houses devoided of their keeper and comfort maker – a woman. Leaving her exuvia She goes out in search of a better feeling, while the notion of cosiness and comfort in her housing becomes meaningless during her absence.


solo show at Konstanet, 13.05. - 19.06.2016, Tallinn

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