Daria Melnikova

Dashing Lines and Forming Heaps

Exhibition view I

Exhibition view II

Dashing Lines and Forming Heaps, 2010
C-print, 90 x 160 cm

Dust and Snow, 2011
Metal rod, metal thread wickerwork, dust, 10 x 80 cm

Millimeter Distance from A to B at a Set  Magnification, 2010
Silkscreen print, 60 x 65 cm

Graph Paper, 2011
Silkscreen print, 60 x 65 cm

The Box, 2011
Cardboard, glue, 25 x 40 x 17 cm

Ø=5mm, 2011
Paper, wood, concrete, metal, poleurethane, pasterboard, ruller, key, envelope, 100 x 60 x70 cm

The Bowl, 2011
Porcelain, 20 x 20 cm

Table of Contents, 2011
Silkscreen print, drawing pencil, 60 x 65 cm

Have a Nice Day!, 2011
Textile, 35 x 35 cm

Perfect Error, 2011
Three-colour silkscreen print, 60 x 65 cm

Correction of Error, 2011
Three-colour silkscreen print, 60 x 65 cm

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Even an untidy desk represents some sort of order. The person who created the chaos is able to navigate their way through it. The scissors are always found under a stack of papers, while the keys are located between the dirty coffee cups. Moreover, if one of the dirty cups were to accidentally fall off the table, it would not break just like that, because a certain order is present there too. I know as much about this as virtually nothing. When you tidy up a pile of things certain structures are created. When you knock them over the different ones appear. That is the nature of things.


solo show at kim? Contemporary Art Centre, 15.05. - 19.06.2011, Riga
group show Present Tense at Kalmar konstmuseum, 15.11.2014 - 15.02.2015, Kalmar
group show Le Fragole del Baltico at CareOf, 09.06. - 19.07.2015, Milan


Photos: Ansis Starks


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